Sunday, April 26, 2009

Special Occasion - Daisy's Birthday Party (with Special Guests)

A special occasion like a 30th birthday is good reason to get dolled up:
Even if 30 seems like it was oh, so long ago...

My wonderful bubble-hemmed skirt that I wore on Christmas gets a lighter look with the black fitted top last seen in the outfit that I wore to Alice Cooper. Add the gold sandals and a big chunky pearl necklace and we're good to go. Not much bling (I wore a ring and stud earrings) as the skirt is pretty blingy on its own.

L agreed to be a guest, in his new-to-him Ed Hardy shirt (picked up in a consignment shop) and his funky red Fluevog Iggys:
A shot of the back of the shirt (that's all embroidered in wool).
And the lovely Karen also agreed to show off her gorgeous self:
Rockin' the pencil skirt! And check out these Jeffrey Campbell shoes:
Oh my god, I want!

Thanks, hon!
Aw! So happy.

Top (Le Chateau), skirt (Kenzie), shoes (Guess), necklace (Aldo accessories), ring (not shown, Expressions), crystal studd earrings.


  1. You guys look so good! I love all the outfits. What a handsome bunch!

  2. Wow! That skirt emphasizes how long and lean you are. And really, I'm a sucker for brocade. It's so glamorous and old school Hollywood, I think.

  3. your skirt=to die for. Love it! you look fabulous dahling!

    and congrats on your 10k! i've never run anything like that, but i do enjoy jogging so maybe some day i could.

  4. You guys look lovely! And you're my fave skirt :-)...its on my list.

  5. All three of you look great! Your skirt is really pretty. L's shirt is really cool and I I really like Karen's leopard print shirt. Fun to get all fancied up every now and again.

  6. Looking lovely ladies (and L of course!). Too bad R. wasn't there to show off his Sears Catalogue look!

  7. This outfit is awesome -one of my favorite types of skirts. So pretty and so flattering!

  8. Thanks, Hillary!

    I'm a sucker for anything shiny, Tina, so this skirt is right up my alley. Thanks!

    Eednic: thanks so much! You could walk the 10K, like I did.

    Thanks, Diane!

    Thanks, Alison - we love getting dressed up.

    We missed you guys, Cat!

    Thanks, Christy!


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