Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bling Enough: Guess My Plaid

Today, the Senior VP for Western Canada came to our office. I thought I'd go conservative.
The HR lady snorted when I told her that - yeah, the tights are not very conservative. But look! I have loafers on!

This jacket is extremely bling-y - it's trimmed with black ribbon and shiny gold along the collar, cuffs and pockets. It has a red stripe in the plaid. And it's covered with little gold buttons with "G"s on them. I last wore it in the March 2012 capsule (recap here), last time in this outfit. I nearly always wear this jacket with a red and black combination - in fact, the first time I wore it (here, lots of detail pictures) it was with this same skirt!
I have no idea when I last wore this skirt, but it's been a while - it didn't make it into any of the capsules from my 2012-2013 challenge, and I don't think I've worn it since then. Believe me, searching my blog for "Danier" is a futile endeavour. I buy a lot of second-hand Danier Leather!

I did find when I first bought it, though, in January 2011 - I thrifted it for $14.50. So even if I don't wear it that much (and don't get me wrong, I do like it and it fits great), I still keep it.
I'm laughing at Vizzini. He was meowing at me and rubbing all over my legs.
 My new-to-me Lida Baday blouse, picked up over the weekend here.
Groovy tights, aren't they? I've only worn them once before, here in October 2012, with my uber-cool locally-made and designed dress. I might just have to bust that dress out for a party again soon!

The jacket was plenty bling-y so the only jewelry (aside from my usual glut of rings) were my gold hoops. 
Loafers! I last wore these here in March with green tweed and roses.

I realized while I was showing off my outfit to my hairdresser (after a quick visit at my periodontist - unrelated appointments!), that everything I wore today was second-hand. In fact, my gold hoops cost more than my entire outfit. Let's tally it up:

Jacket (Guess, thrifted): $7.50
Blouse (Lida Baday, consignment): $10.00
Skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted): $14.50
Shoes (Hilary Radley, thrifted): $24.50

That's $34.50 for the whole outfit - my gold hoop earrings were over $200 (they are real gold and locally-made - I've had them for 13+ years; they were a 5th anniversary gift from L). Love that high/low mix!


  1. I"m loving the purples and wines and burgundy you're rocking lately!

  2. Those tights really make that outfit pop!
    Love to see a close up of your earrings.

  3. Welp you've done it, I love everything you're wearing today.

    The shoes, tights, shirt, and skirt together make an entirely tied-together ensemble. And I love that jacket to pieces. I like how it kicks up the whole outfit a notch. :D

  4. Lovely outfit! I like the chevron tights too! I don't think they are too out there, the HR lady sounds funny! :)

  5. Wow, love those tights! The loafers are mighty cool too, even if the word implies you were taking the day off : > Oh yes, pls keep that skirt, you look fantastic. xo

  6. I love this outfit. The tights, of course, are superb. I'm honestly not sure what people mean by "conservative" any more. Fashion is so relative.

  7. They are groovy tights! I am really digging your shoes the most though - fun color and I like the size of the heel!

  8. Yay for secondhand! I smiled when I read your goal for a conservative outfit and then saw your tights. Which are amaze-balls on you. I cannot carry off striped tights, and it makes me sad.

  9. Yay to an almost all second-hand outfit!! I love it--those tights are AWESOME!!

  10. Yay for the loafers... and I can imagine HR Lady's look when you said you were convervative. I think you had to tell her that it was Sheila conservative :)

  11. Love those heeled loafers! You have your own version of conservative, thank goodness, and it still involves colour, texture, pattern, and consummate style! And secondhand all the way, baby! xxxx


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